Benefits of a Swim Spa

Swim spa is a great alternative to a pool

Pool Alternative

Realize the benefits of a backyard pool without compromising on space and budget.

Swim in an endless pool setting of a swim spa

Swimming in a Swim Spa

Adjustable water current provides a continuous swimming experience.

Exercise in the water of a swim spa

Fitness Swim Spa

Bring the benefits of aquatic exercise to the convenience and privacy of your backyard.

Triathlete Ben hoffman swimming in a swim spa

Triathlon Training

Optimize your training with the ability to swim and cross train at home, as well as prioritize recovery.

Soothe aches and pains away


Seek relief from pain, muscle aches, and stress with adjustable massage jets.

Rehabilitate injuries using hydrotherapy


Recover from an injury or rehab after surgery in an H2X Fitness Swim Spa.

Fun for the whole family in the comfort of your backyard

Family Fun

Fun for whole family! Enjoy entertaining family and friends all year with a swim spa.

Health benefits of a swim spa and water

Health Benefits

There's new and very promising research that shows exercising and walking in warm water offers considerable health benefits