Therapool Series swim spas by Master Spas

Therapool Series Swim Spas

Ideal for fitness and exercise, H2X Fitness Therapool models help you get active and stay active. Therapool models feature up to three flow stream jets that complement the natural resistance of water so you get the most out of your workout. Hydrotherapy and relaxation are built-in, with the contoured seating, massaging jets, and ability to adjust the water temperature up to a soothing 99 degrees.

Who will love it: Fitness and therapy seekers

Therapool 13

Dimensions 156" x 90" x 48"
Water Capacity 1,270 Gallons
Propulsion System Flow Stream Swim Jets
Stainless Steel Jets 28 (Including 2 Flow Stream Jets)

Therapool D

Dimensions 132" x 94" x 60"
Water Capacity 1,060 Gallons
Propulsion System 3 Flow Stream Swim Jets
Stainless Steel Jets 54 (Including 3 Flow Stream Jets)

Therapool SE

Dimensions 132" x 94" x 51"
Water Capacity 925 Gallons
Propulsion System 3 Flow Stream Swim Jets
Stainless Steel Jets 21 (Including 3 Flow Stream Jets)

"My wife wanted a swim spa to help with her recovery from a hip replacement and for general health improvement. She has used it nearly every day since it has been set up. She loves it! But the big surprise is that I have been in the spa as much as she has. I go in after my exercise routine to stretch and massage my back, shoulders, and neck. We both are enjoying our spa and expect to get years of service from it."
- Keith, Oregon

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