Swim Spa Cover for a Master Spas Swim Spa Swim Spa Cover for a Master Spas Swim Spa

Swim Spa Covers by Master Spas

Master Spas swim spa covers protect your swim spa from the elements while maximizing energy efficiency. Designed to snugly fit your Master Spas swim spa, our covers make it easier to keep your swim spa clean and safe.

Made from marine-grade materials and premium insulation, Master Spas swim spa covers are assembled at our production campus in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

Master Spas only manufactures covers that are built to the strict ASTM-F1346 standard for lockable safety covers.

Axis swim spa cover partially rolled on an H2X

Benefits of Swim Spa Covers

From energy efficiency to safety and water quality, swim spa covers offer a range of benefits. A quality swim spa cover will enhance the longevity and enjoyment of your Master Spas swim spa.

  • Energy efficiency. Lock in heat, lowering energy costs. In addition, by keeping in the heat, swim spa covers help keep the water at your preferred temperature.
  • Extended lifespan. By protecting your swim spa from the sun, the cover helps protect the acrylic shell and other components from UV damage.
  • Maintenance made easier. Enjoy clean, clear water with less work. The snug and secure fit of the swim spa cover keeps out natural elements, such as leaves and precipitation, which can affect the water quality.
  • Water conservation. Evaporation is normal. But your swim spa cover helps to reduce the amount of evaporation, reducing water loss.
  • Safety. Key safety locks prevent others from removing the cover.
Axis Cover System completely covering a swim spa

Axis Swim Spa Covers

Introducing the Axis Cover System — where innovative design meets unparalleled convenience. Featuring a one-piece design and durable materials, the Axis Cover System protects your swim spa from the elements and weather.

What is the Axis Cover System? The unique rolling swim spa cover makes it easier than ever to open your swim spa. One person can easily roll back the cover, opening up the possibilities for swimming, exercise, and relaxation. It has a low profile, making it ideal for custom swim spa installations.

Made with premium materials to last a long time.
Available in midnight black.
Limited warranty

Axis Cover System open

High-Density Foam Swim Spa Covers

A high-quality swim spa cover protects your swim spa, ensuring that you can enjoy it for years to come. From unparalleled energy efficiency to enhanced safety features, our high-density foam swim spa covers are designed specifically for your Master Spas swim spa.

  • High-density 5-inch foam for unmatched energy efficiency
  • Year-round weather protection, including snow and ice
  • Design features a vapor barrier, which protects the cover and reduces evaporation
  • Made from durable, fade-resistant materials
  • Multiple safety locks help keep your swim spa secure when it's not in use.
  • Limited warranty
Standard swim spa cover

Swim Spa Cover Lifters

If you are interested in a folding swim spa cover, a cover lifter can be installed. The lifter will make it easier to open and close your swim spa cover.

For information, contact your local Master Spas dealer.

Swim Spa cover lifter