win your day with an h2x fitness swim spa by master spas

H2X Fitness Swim Spas

The swimming pool alternative for any backyard. An H2X Fitness Swim Spa by Master Spas combines the benefits of water exercise with the therapy of a hot tub so you can own your wellness and win your day.

Are You Ready for a Change of Pace?

It can be difficult to carve out the time you need to focus on your fitness, health, and family. An H2X Fitness Swim Spa allows you to exercise, relax, and entertain in the convenience and privacy of your backyard, year-round. A jet system creates a smooth current of water ideal for fitness activities, and massage jets offer relief from stress, aches, and muscle pain.

  • Get active and stay active
  • Swim, jog, walk, exercise
  • Train hard & recover smarter
  • Relaxing massage therapy
  • Water buoyancy that relieves pressure on aching joints and muscles
  • Perfect temperature, year-round
  • Swimming pool alternative that can be installed in one day

Three Different H2X Lines To Choose From

You want to find the swim spa that is right for your lifestyle, space, and budget. With H2X Fitness Swim Spas, there are three unique lines and 12 models to choose from.

  1. Challenger Series: Ideal for swimmers, athletes, and fitness enthusiasts
  2. Trainer Series: Ideal for fitness enthusiasts and therapy seekers
  3. Therapool Series: Ideal for small spaces and aqua therapy
H2x Fitness Swim Spas by master spas
H2x swim spas are energy efficient and work well in any climate

"I could barely walk at time of purchase because of a knee injury and other health issues. I started out slowly, walking, and swimming on the lowest jet settings. Now, I can walk with ease and have lost more than 40 pounds. My entire life has changed."
— Melissa, Atlanta, GA

"I’m over 60, and I’m in better shape than I have been in decades. I use my Trainer 15D almost every day. I’m looking forward to it adding many, many more years onto my life by keeping me happy and healthy."
— Lloyd, Laurel Springs, NJ

"I originally had my heart set on an in-ground pool. The practical side of me took over, and we decided to go with the H2X Trainer 18. We definitely made the right decision and use it every day. The weather has been really cool but we can still enjoy the swim spa."
— Stephen, Ottawa, Ontario

At Master Spas, we make buying a swim spa just as relaxing as owning one.

Visit an event or showroom near you
See a swim spa, step inside, select the perfect size.
A professional will evaluate your space
We can do this with a photo & dimensions or by visiting your backyard.
Schedule a day for installation
When you're ready, installation can take less than a day.

H2X Fitness Swim Spas were developed by Master Spas, the world’s largest swim spa manufacturer—an award winning company you can trust.