how fast can you swim in a swim spa

How fast can you swim in a swim spa?

You adjust your swim cap, check the fit of your goggles. And just before you push off the pool wall, you take a quick look at the clock or hit “start” on your sports watch. Whether you are swimming for fitness or training for an event like a full-distance triathlon, keeping an eye on your swim pace can help you gauge your fitness, effort, and improvement over time. 

There are times, though, when you don’t want to go to the pool for a swim. The pool hours might not work with your schedule or you want to focus on your effort instead of sharing a lane. But you still want to swim.

In the convenience and comfort of your backyard, an H2X Fitness Swim Spa by Master Spas makes swimming at home not just possible — but enjoyable. A jetted system creates an endless swim current for stationary swimming and water exercise. When considering a swim spa, one of the most common questions is, “How fast can you swim in a swim spa?” 

Whether you are a recreational swimmer, a fitness enthusiast, or an endurance athlete, Master Spas offers a variety of swim spa models tailored to your swimming abilities and goals. 

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How fast can you really swim in a swim spa?

Swimming offers an excellent low-impact workout, and swim spas provide greater versatility compared to full-sized pools. They can be installed in more compact areas and enjoyed throughout the year.

But unlike a pool, your effort isn’t the only determining factor for how fast you swim. H2X swim spas come with user-friendly controls that let you adjust the current speed to suit your needs. The faster the water is moving, the faster you need to swim to “keep up.” Lower settings are great for beginners, long swims, or the days when you just want to go for a leisurely swim.  

A quality swim spa, such as those from H2X and Master Spas, will provide a versatile and customizable swimming experience — for all levels of swimmers. 

Aquatic therapy pool 

Designed for warm-water exercise and hydrotherapy, H2X Therapool spas are perfect for those looking for relaxation and gentle exercise. While they may not be ideal for stationary swimming, they have flow jets that are excellent features for aquatic therapy and low-impact water exercise. 

Therapool models also feature contoured seating, massaging jets, and the ability to adjust the water temperature up to 99 degrees for a soothing, relaxing experience.

Recreational swimmers 

Do you love to swim but aren’t concerned with hitting a certain pace in the swim spa? H2X Trainer swim spas are popular among beginners and recreational swimmers who want a convenient way to fit in a workout but also want to enjoy the benefits of a backyard pool. These swim spas provide a comfortable current that can be adjusted to suit your swimming level. 

Combining science and engineering, the VIP Technology creates a more efficient flow of water to swim, run, or walk against. The four-jet system, along with the contoured design of the swim spa, creates a continuous swim experience that is smoother than other air-injected jetted swim spas. 

Using the high and low settings, along with the spa’s diverter valves, you can swim at a pace as fast as 1:50 per 100 meters in an H2X Trainer swim spa.

how fast can you swim in a swim spa

Fitness enthusiasts and endurance athletes

Sometimes you want a challenge — and the Challenger swim spa series from H2X gives you just that. Designed for fitness enthusiasts and endurance athletes, Challenger models deliver a powerful current, allowing for faster swim workouts. You can swim at a pace as fast as 1:20 per 100 meters in an H2X Challenger swim spa.

With a variable-speed system, you can customize your swim experience to match your training needs, whether you are swimming intervals or have a long endurance session. You can adjust the speed of the water current using the touchscreen panel, and there are speed settings from zero to 25. The AquaSpeed system also allows you to program a workout so you can focus on the actual swimming.

The six-jetted system ensures a smooth, wide water channel for stationary swimming by not introducing air into the current, providing an optimal environment for your training sessions.

Competitive swimmers

It took Michael Phelps 38 seconds to swim 100 meters in open water just off the coast of South Africa, in his world-famous race against a great white shark. The current 100-meter world record for men stands at 46.8 seconds and the world record for women is 51.7 seconds.

While most of us aren’t trying to outswim a shark or set a record, we still want to swim our best. And for those who are swimming at a high level or have children on the swim team, there might be concerns about “out-swimming” a swim spa.

Designed for serious swimmers, the Challenger 18D Pro allows you to swim at a faster pace and get the most out of your sessions in the water. How fast can you swim in this swim spa? While swimming pace in a spa depends on myriad factors, including body alignment, stroke rate, and mechanics, you can swim as fast as 1:10-per-100-meter pace in the Challenger 18D Pro.

The Challenger Pro features three swim pumps and six airless jets for maximum performance. Available only in an 18-foot model, the swim area is generously sized for even the tallest swimmer.

The swim spa has the same hydrotherapy features that are ideal for recovery and relaxation, including the stand-up Xtreme Therapy Cove. You can adjust the flow of water through the jets to get a personalized massage, helping you to feel better and recover faster.

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Benefits of a swim spa

If you’re accustomed to swimming laps in a traditional pool, adapting to a swim spa might require a bit of adjustment. There’s no wall to push off of or to hold onto as you catch your breath between sets. And when you are swimming in place, there’s no need to stress about flip turns.

More than that, when you are in a pool, you move through the water. In a swim spa, the water is moving and you are swimming against it. It can be a lot like swimming in open water, where you might encounter currents. 

The constant flow of water can feel foreign, and you might find that you need to be more aware of your body position in the water. Focusing on your core and using your stabilizer muscles will help you acclimate to the feeling of swimming in place. 

But while swimming in a spa is different, it offers numerous benefits.


Have you ever headed to the pool, excited to swim your favorite set, only to discover that the facility is closed for maintenance? Or the pool nearest to your home, a 20-minute drive, is only open in the summer months?

With a swim spa, these inconveniences become a thing of the past. You can enjoy a high-quality swim workout from the comfort of your backyard, available to you year-round regardless of weather or season. Swim spas offer the flexibility to train when it’s most convenient for you and your schedule, without the need to check facility schedules, endure long commutes, or deal with the locker room.

This convenience makes it easier to maintain a consistent exercise routine, allowing you to focus on your training goals.


A swim spa provides more than a space for swimming. An alternative to a backyard pool, you can use a swim spa for water exercise, recreation, and family time. The adjustable water current allows you to customize your workouts, making swim spas suitable for everyone from beginners to elite athletes. 

Additionally, the built-in hydrotherapy features, such as massaging jets and contoured seating, provide a perfect environment for relaxation and muscle recovery. You can use the massage jets to target sore muscles and high-tension areas, promoting faster recovery and relieving stress.

Year-round use

Unlike traditional outdoor pools that can often only be used a few months out of the year, swim spas are designed to be used year-round, no matter where you live. This means you can maintain your fitness routine and enjoy the benefits of swimming, hydrotherapy, and relaxation no matter the weather. 

H2X swim spas feature a built-in heating system, as well as full-foam insulation, to maintain a comfortable water temperature. The full-foam insulation not only helps retain heat but also enhances energy efficiency, keeping your operating costs down. An insulated cover provides an extra layer of protection against the elements, reducing energy consumption and keeping your swim spa clean and ready for use.

Enhanced motivation

One of the best ways to maintain any fitness routine, whether you are learning to swim or training for a triathlon, is to set yourself up for success. It might be blocking off time on your calendar to go for a swim or finding a training plan to follow. 

But creating an environment that supports your fitness goals can be a powerful motivator for exercise. Sure, it can be as simple as setting out your swim bag with your goggles lying on top. However, having a dedicated space for physical activity, such as a swim spa, offers some serious motivation to prioritize exercise. The visual presence of the swim spa serves as a gentle nudge, encouraging you to engage in regular workouts. 

In addition, when you don’t have to factor in things like travel time and open-swim hours, you’re able to streamline your swimming routine, making it simpler to stay committed and consistent. And, that consistency can further enhance exercise motivation.

Whether you are looking for gentle aquatic therapy, recreational swimming, or intense competitive training, there is a swim spa model to match your needs. By choosing the right swim spa, you can achieve your fitness goals, enjoy a refreshing swim, and make the most of your swim spa investment.       

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Invest in a backyard pool alternative

Do you want to be able to swim, exercise, and relax at home? Having an H2X Fitness Swim Spa by Master Spas allows you to swim on your schedule while adding a fun factor to your backyard. You can click here to find out more about the benefits of hydrotherapy and relaxing in a swim spa. Or, contact your local Master Spas retailer to learn more about swim spa ownership. Wondering how much a swim spa costs? You can request a quote here.