Memorial Day 2024

Fun in the sun: Kid-friendly activities for Memorial Day [2024]

Memorial Day weekend is the unofficial start to summer. Whether you want to soak up the warmer weather or take advantage of the longer days the three-day weekend is prime for season firsts. Going to your first parade of the year, first time camping, or firing up your grill and hosting your first backyard cookout of the summer.

But while the adults enjoy conversation and the first grilled hot dog of the season, you want to make sure that the youngest in the crowd are also having fun. This Memorial Day is also an opportunity for them to have their first s’more, play the first round of catch, or even get in the first swim of the season.

The long weekend might be one of the first times, too, that you step away from your busy schedule and just enjoy time with family and friends. Memorial Day 2024 is the perfect opportunity to kick back, relax, and enjoy the best of outdoor living. 

From tie dying shirts to games in a Master Spas swim spa, these kid-friendly activities for Memorial Day 2024 will help you kick off a summer of fun and make the most of your time with loved ones.

Memorial Day 2024

When is Memorial Day 2024?

Observed on the last Monday of May each year, Memorial Day was established in 1971 to honor the men and women who have died while serving in the U.S. military. 

Memorial Day 2024 is on May 27 — giving people a three-day weekend that begins May 25. This long weekend affords families the precious opportunity to not only pay their respects to the brave but take advantage of those first glimpses of summer.

Having the entire weekend leading up to Memorial Day offers an appreciated break from the fast pace of our everyday routines. Whether you want to go hiking on nearby trails, go to the lake, or host an outdoor barbecue, the long Memorial Day weekend gives you ample time to plan and enjoy outdoor activities with family and friends. 

kid friendly activities

5 kid-friendly activities for Memorial Day 2024

Memorial Day weekend is the perfect time to host your first outdoor gathering of 2024. And it’s a classic activity to host friends and family for hot dogs and burgers on the grill. 

But you want to make sure that everyone is enjoying the holiday. 

These kid-friendly Memorial Day activities are the perfect way to have fun and enjoy some quality family time. Planning to have a mix of creative and play activities will make sure that everyone has a blast. 

DIY patio art

There is something incredibly nostalgic about going for a neighborhood stroll and seeing chalk art decorate the sidewalks. 

For Memorial Day, you can encourage your kids and their friends to create their own patriotic chalk art.

Set up a designated area on your patio or driveway, supply them with a rainbow of chalk colors, and watch as their inner artist comes out. From American flags and stars to heartfelt messages of gratitude, their chalk creations will add a touch of patriotism to your outdoor space.

Ride the waves

Memorial Day is often the weekend that pool owners ready the water for the season. They are busy cleaning out debris, reconnecting equipment, and getting the water chemistry right. And with careful planning, the pool might be ready for a holiday weekend party. 

But if you want more than a space to enjoy a couple months out of the year, an H2X Fitness Swim Spa offers year-round fun — whether you are hosting a Memorial Day barbecue or unwinding after an afternoon of yard work. A swim spa offers the recreation of a pool and the therapy of a hot tub.

One of the unique features of a swim spa is the endless swim current. Not only is this flow of water great for stationary swimming and water exercise it’s also perfect for Memorial Day pool games. 

One of our favorites: Riding the Wave.

Secure the wrist strap of a body board onto the stainless steel handle near the swim jets. Kids can hold onto the board as the current simulates open water. If the kids feel confident, they can kick to stay in position or see how long they can hold on. Adjust the speed of the current based on the skills and comfort level of the kids playing in the swim spa. 

Tie-dye fun

Tie dying T-shirts is almost a rite of passage for any summer camp participant. But your children don’t have to wait for camp to create a one-of-a-kind shirt that is sure to become a staple of their summer uniform. 

And the whole project begins with a quintessential outdoor toy — the water gun. This kid-friendly activity promises serious fun and colorful results.

Simply gather a selection of plain white T-shirts, a variety of fabric dyes, and a handful of water guns. Fill each water gun with a different color of dye, then let the little ones unleash their inner artists as they squirt, swirl, and spray their designs. Make it easier by hanging the T-shirts on a clothesline or lying down a plastic drop cloth.

Swim spa volleyball

A friendly game of volleyball can be a fantastic way to kick off the energy. But if you aren’t sure about setting up a net or don’t want to risk an errant ball disrupting dinner, consider a more chill way to bump, set, and spike. 

Pool-friendly volleyball sets are the perfect way to upgrade your backyard game. You can use an inflatable-style net that spans the width of your swim spa or easily use a line of buoys or even a rope to serve as the “net.” And with a beach ball as the game ball, it’s perfect for all ages and abilities.

Aqua cinema

After a day filled with festivities and fun, why not wind down with a movie night, swim spa style? You can transform your backyard into a cozy drive-in-style theater with an inflatable outdoor screen and projector. Or, some owners even use the back of a swim spa cover as the screen. 

As the kids settle in, they have their pick of comfy spots – from inflatable loungers to the snug contours of the swim spa’s therapy seats or nestled on the patio with blankets and cushions.

Once you have your set-up ready, choose a family-friendly film, pop some popcorn, and enjoy a movie under the stars.

Memorial Day water safety

Memorial Day water safety

Memorial Day activities are all about taking advantage of the opportunity to have fun outside. But as you plan for fun ways for your family to spend the three-day weekend it’s important to take proactive steps to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for everyone — especially if water is involved.

An H2X swim spa provides a controlled, family-friendly environment that allows you to safely introduce children to the water. With its adjustable current speeds and space-conscious design, children can gradually acclimate to swimming while under supervision, fostering confidence and water safety skills from an early age. Additionally, features such as non-slip surfaces and safety covers offer added peace of mind, ensuring that every swim session is both secure and enjoyable for the whole family.

Whether the kids are playing games in the swim spa or testing the massage jets in the contoured therapy seats, you want to have the peace of mind and security that comes with emphasizing water safety. 

Designate a water watcher 

Unlike public pools or crowded beaches where lifeguards may be limited, swim spa owners have the advantage of constant supervision. Whether you’re enjoying a leisurely soak or engaging in aquatic exercises, you can relax knowing that you have full control over the environment and can monitor everyone’s safety at all times.

If you are hosting a Memorial Day party, designate one adult to be a water watcher. This person should keep an eye on kids to make sure that they are having fun, playing well together, and following swim spa rules like no diving.

Set swim spa guidelines

Speaking of swim spa rules, it’s important that everyone understands the guidelines so that no one gets hurt. For example, children and adults alike should get in and out of the spa safely. Cannonballs and diving should be avoided. Games are fun but children should be mindful not to roughhouse. In addition, there should never be any glass material around the spa. If a bottle or container broke, the fun would be over. 

Swim spa lessons

Memorial Day weekend presents an excellent opportunity to brush up on swimming skills or introduce beginners to the water. With the controlled environment of a swim spa, parents can provide hands-on guidance and support as children learn essential water safety techniques, such as floating, kicking, and proper breathing.

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Invest in a backyard pool alternative

Do you want to be able to swim, exercise, and relax at home? Having an H2X Fitness Swim Spa by Master Spas allows you to swim on your schedule while adding a fun factor to your backyard. You can click here to find out more about the benefits of hydrotherapy and relaxing in a swim spa. Or, contact your local Master Spas retailer to learn more about swim spa ownership. Wondering how much a swim spa costs? You can request a quote here.