family swim spa essentials

Essential swim spa accessories for families

The screen door shut with a thud as the kids ran across the cold cement to the warm water of the swim spa. As they walked up the steps, they dropped their towels and grabbed a pair of goggles. A couple pool noodles, remnants of a summer of fun, popped up from the surface of the water as the boys jumped in.

On this winter afternoon, our H2X Challenger 15D by Master Spas was a welcome spot to spend some of the last few moments of their break. They could splash and play, even practice their front crawl. 

More importantly, they were no longer complaining that they were “bored.”

When we first installed our swim spa, I was not thinking about these winter afternoons in the water. I was focused on being able to get in a good swim at home rather than head to the local high school. I made sure that I had my own pair of goggles, a new suit just for the swim spa, and the water care kit I needed to keep the spa in tip top shape.

While I have swum hundreds of hours in the swim spa, my kids have played in it just as much —  if not more. It became the perfect backyard pool alternative and investment in our family. 

To fully enjoy and maximize the benefits of owning a swim spa, we needed to invest in some essential accessories, 

From goggles and towels to pool noodles and swimwear in a variety of sizes, it’s important to make sure that your family has everything they need for a memorable and enjoyable swim spa experience.

family swim spa essentials

Benefits of a family swim spa

More than just a backyard swimming pool, a family swim spa offers a unique blend of relaxation, fitness, and quality time. 

Year-round use

Living in northeast Indiana, most every residential pool has long been closed by the time winter break arrives. If a family is enjoying time at the pool, it might be at a pricey indoor waterpark resort or the local fitness area. 

However, H2X Fitness Swim Spas are designed to be used year-round — whether you want to entertain kids on winter break or swim in the summer. Full foam insulation helps protect many of the components while locking in heat. A high-density foam cover also improves energy efficiency.

But it’s the built-in heater that keeps the water comfortable season after season. 

Quality family time

As a busy family, there’s a lot of competition for our time. Work commitments, sports, technology. It can feel like it’s hard to find time to connect. A family swim spa provides the perfect solution by creating a shared space for relaxation and enjoyment. The warm water, combined with adjustable jets, can alleviate stress, reduce muscle tension, and promote relaxation. A large swim area is ideal for lying on a pool float or playing a game. Whether it’s splashing around with the kids or soaking after dinner, the swim spa becomes a hub for bonding and conversation. 

Space-saving design

Growing up, we had an above-ground pool with a water depth of about 3 feet. It was great for cooling off on a hot summer day but not much else. It just felt so small. Even so, it took up much of the usable space in our backyard in the city. A pool any bigger would not have been feasible.

But a swim spa is not like the pool of my childhood or other pools that you would expect to see in a backyard. Swim spas have a space conscious design, making them ideal no matter the layout of your backyard. Our H2X Challenger is 8 feet in width and 15 feet long, and it takes up just a portion of our outdoor space — leaving us with plenty of room for a playset and games of catch.

Personalized experience

More than likely, the water temperature at your local pool is between 82 degrees and 85 degrees. That’s perfect if you are planning a tough swim workout with a masters swimming group. But not everyone loves to swim or play when the water temperature is in the low 80s. H2X swim spas have a built-in heating system, allowing you to set the water to your preferred temperature — up to 99 degrees in the swim area. 

One of the key swim spa features is the continuous water current. The endless flow of water can be used for stationary swimming, water exercise, or riding the waves (as my kids say) on a boogie board. You can adjust the speed of the current to fit your fitness level and preferences. 

For example, the Challenger series has a variable speed swim system. You can adjust the settings from zero to 25. The popular Trainer series has an adjustable system, with high and low settings.

family swim spa essentials

Must-have accessories for every family with a swim spa

Your swim spa starter kit will come with everything you need to keep your water clean and clear — pH up, pH down, sanitizer, and metal protect among other products.

But to truly enjoy your swim spa, it’s important to consider and invest in the right accessories for an enhanced swim spa experience. Floats goggles, pool noodles, extra towels, and swimwear are all essential elements for families who want to enjoy their backyard swim spa. 


Goggles are a must-have accessory for all family members, regardless of their swimming skills. They provide eye protection, enhance underwater visibility, and make swimming more comfortable. 

But I quickly learned that it wasn’t enough to have a pair or two with our swim spa accessories. Goggles can easily be lost or break. And, if your children have friends over, you want to have some goggles on hand for them.

Families should be on the lookout for multipacks of goggles, which you can buy online or at warehouse stores. I usually buy several packs at the start of spring, just so I know that everyone can fully enjoy the swim spa experience.

Inflatable floats

Floats are not only great for relaxation, but also for building confidence in younger or less experienced swimmers. Investing in a range of floats, such as inflatable loungers, floating chairs, or even pool rafts, will add an element of fun and convenience to your swim spa sessions. They can also provide a resting spot for tired swimmers or act as a gathering place for family conversations in the water.

And don’t forget the pool noodles! They can be used for new swimmers,  as a water workout tool, or for building creative obstacle courses in the water. 

Extra towels

One of the most popular questions I get as a swim spa owner is, “Do your kids love using the spa?”

And I only have to look at the door to my laundry room, the base of the spa steps, and the back of the outdoor couch for proof. During the summer months, there are towels everywhere! It’s not all that shocking, especially when you consider that the boys can hop in the water several times a day.

When friends come to visit, my stash of clean towels in the linen closet is quickly wiped out. So, having an abundant supply of towels not only ensures everyone stays dry and comfy but also saves you from that last-minute scramble for dry towels when friends unexpectedly drop by for a dip. 

family swim spa accessories

Swimwear in a variety of sizes 

“I’m just going to call my dad and have him bring over my trunks,” my son’s friend yelled from the second floor.

My son and his friends were hanging out at our house on this summer day, and one of the boys didn’t have a swimsuit with him. But instead of having his parents drive over, I went to our supply of swimwear. 

Swim spa owners should always have swimwear that is just for the swim spa. Swimwear that’s worn in open water or even the local pool might carry things you don’t want in your swim spa water. In addition, everyone in my family has multiple suits in the event that one is still wet from the day before.

More than that, I like to keep extras in various sizes for moments when we have unexpected visitors or family visiting from out of town. You can easily find affordable swimwear options in the off-season so that your guests can put on a new suit when they go in the swim spa.

Battery-operated pool vacuum

Every swim spa owner will need a spa vac to remove dirt, sand, leaves, and other debris from the spa. Some owners might opt for a manual spa vac, which uses suction to clean the floor of your spa.

However, with kids hopping in and out of the water, I found that they were often tracking in grass clippings and other elements from our yard. The manual spa vac did its job but using it felt cumbersome, especially when we were in the swim spa multiple times a day.

Investing in a battery-operated pool vacuum was a game-changer. I could quickly vacuum the swim spa floor, easily getting into the corners and on the hydrotherapy seating. The telescoping handle also allowed me to clean the swim spa without having to get in the water. 

Bonus: The kids think the battery-operated vac is fun so they are happy to help out with swim spa water care.

swim spa benefits

Investing in a family swim spa

Do you want to be able to swim, exercise, and relax at home? Having an H2X Fitness Swim Spa by Master Spas allows you to swim on your schedule while adding a fun factor to your backyard. You can click here to find out more about the benefits of hydrotherapy and relaxing in a swim spa. Or, contact your local Master Spas retailer to learn more about swim spa ownership. Wondering how much a swim spa costs? You can request a quote here.

About the writer

Kimberly Truesdell is the content creator and copywriter for Master Spas. As an endurance enthusiast, she loves being able to swim and recover in her H2X Challenger 15D swim spa. She also enjoys spending time in the swim spa with her family, including two sons.