Introducing the H2X premium jetted swim and fitness spa – providing an exceptional experience all day, every day, 365 days a year. The H2X premium jetted swim and fitness spa provides sleek styling and features that include flat floors, spirited jets and form-fitting seats. Whether you use it for fitness and exercise, family enjoyment, therapy or just plain relaxation and solitude, this extraordinary swim and fitness spa offers something for everyone. Plus, as the trusted leader in home spa technology, Master Spas provides expert design and craftsmanship you can enjoy with true peace of mind. We invite you to take a glimpse into a day-in-the-life of an H2X premium jetted swim and fitness spa to learn how it will quickly become one of the most valued amenities in your home.


Thanks to the H2X line, you can enjoy full-body effects of aquatic exercise with time saving convenience in the privacy of your own home... more


Our exclusive Xtreme Therapy Seat is ergonomically designed to wrap you in comfort while delivering the ultimate in hydrotherapy with a unique X pattern of jets... more


Experience the ultimate backyard fun center. Optional high end stereo and LED lights create the perect backyard oasis... more


The unique shell design of the H2X line of swim spas gives beginning swimmers a long and wide swim area with no hidden obstacles like benches or steps to hit your feet... more

///// See How It's Made

Watch the Swim Spa Challenge.

(VIDEO) Take a tour of the Master Spas assembly plant and watch how hot tubs and swim spas get made as seen on the Discovery Channel's 'How It's Made' television series.

///// See the H2X in Action

Watch the H2X in action.

(VIDEO) The revolutionary H2X line of premium jetted swim and fitness spas are perfect for beginner swimmers. Sit back, press play and watch the H2X in action!

///// Take the Swim Spa Challenge


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